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Making Our Clothes Last Longer

Written by Peach on September 1st, 2020.      0 comments

While being a firm believer in making our clothes last longer, I have researched and tried a few ideas that I thought I would share with you. Some will suit you perfectly, some may not, but it is worth thinking about some of the simple things we can do, to better look after our clothes. 

1. Lengthen the lifespan of items
Dry cleaning is one of the worst things you can do to it – it will shorten your clothings lifespan significantly. A far better (and cheaper) option is to steam your items rather than constantly taking them to be dry cleaned. You can hang your clothes in the bathroom for a quick steam or bring them to Peach for a professional steam clean. 
2. Launder less often
Washing is one of the the main reasons your clothes wear out over time. Of course, clothes need to be washed – but washing a garment every time you wear it not only shortens the clothing’s lifespan but is often a waste of money, water and detergent. Many items often don’t require a full wash (an hour on the washing line and a quick once over with the iron can freshen up garments perfectly well).
3. Use less detergent – and wash in cold water
Detergents weaken fibres over time, especially on knitwear, elastics and nylons. Too much detergent in your wash can also settle back on your clothing, leaving a dull, stiff finish to your clothes. A great way to boost the performance of detergent without harming your clothes is to add half a cup of bicarbonate of soda to ½ the quantity of your normal liquid detergent. The soda helps give you whiter whites and keeps colours bright. Your laundry should come out just as clean as with a full dose of detergent.
4. Zip it up
If you’re washing trousers, tops or jackets with zips, zip them up before washing. Zip edges can wreak havoc with delicate clothes and knitwear when rubbing against them in the wash. If you’re washing bras or anything with hooks, the same principle applies. Even better put them in a washing bag
5. Don’t overload the washing machine
Don’t pack as much as you can into a wash. Your clothes won’t get as clean and will rub together more – shortening their lifespan over the long-term. Make sure your clothes have room to move freely during a wash cycle.
6. Use a better (and cheaper) fabric softener
You can use white vinegar as a fabric softener. Just add a half-cup on the final rinse.( It won’t smell). It’s effective, cheap, and doesn’t leave a residue on clothes like some fabric softeners can.
7. Store clothes correctly
This might seem like common sense, but it’s easy to spoil your clothes through not storing them correctly. Don’t hang knitted items and sweaters (they’ll become stretched on hangers). They should be kept rolled or flat. Don’t hang delicate items – they should also be stored flat. (If you have any really delicate items, consider storing them between layers of tissue paper). Don’t use wire coat hangers.
8. Keep the shine off suits and jackets
Woollen jackets and trousers often develop an unattractive shine (especially on the elbows) after a bit of wear. It’s easy to solve this, though – simply dab on some white vinegar (NOT malt) to make the shine disappear

More Thoughts on Why PreLoved Clothing

Written by Peach on August 11th, 2020.      0 comments

I thought I would add to my previous message and add some thoughts on why on why considering pre-loved clothing as an option is important. Our purchases for PreLoved shopping extends the life of our clothes. If someone else has given up on an item, it's our chance to bring it back to life in our own style and wear it our way. Buying PreLoved is also way to practice sustainability in our lives. It's a choice that can reduce our fashion footprint and in a small way help our environmental impact. If we slowly create a priority to shop investment pieces with ethical fashion and choose consignment over new, we'll be putting clothes back into circulation that can be worn again. We have a choice to shop PreLoved with each purchase, but we also have the power to own our wardrobe and continue to restyle and love the pieces we own. That means re-wearing outfits, re-loving items we thought we'd toss away.or selling it so some one else can love it the way you did.

"Being responsible about the clothes we buy also extends to being responsible about what we do with clothes we no longer want." - Leigh Mcalea, Traid



Why Offer PreLoved Clothing

Written by Peach on August 6th, 2020.      0 comments

Peach has always aimed to provide quality affordable and fashionable clothing to our customers and have always maintained our “look great feel great” philosophy in the purchasing and business decisions we have made. That included offering a sustainable alternative to bulk fast fashion ensuring that the clothing we sourced was made in ethical conditions and where possible buying New Zealand made. To ensure that we can still maintain our original purpose and to continue to offer quality affordable and fashionable clothing we are now including Pre-Loved clothing in our business. This ensures that we can still offer a curated selection of good quality pieces for the woman who is looking for quality clothing. Including Pre-Loved fashion allows us to maintain a focus on quality, sustainability, and cost and offers you an alternative way to upgrade your wardrobe and style.



Welcome to Peach

Written by Peach on August 1st, 2020.      0 comments

Welcome to our new website. We are delighted to give you the opportunity to purchase from our great range of Pre-Loved and New plus size clothing on line. We pride ourselves in being a specialist plus size store and being able to provide you with a variety of garments that have been made especially to fit the different sizes that we are. Peach sources the best plus size clothing, both Pre-Loved and New, which means that you can mix and match the fashion we offer, to create a wardrobe to express your own unique style for a variety of occasions while you work, rest, and play. This means fashionable, wearable and great looking clothes for all ages and lifestyles.
The clothes are from designers who design for real women and who are aware of the ethical requirements of clothing manufacturing. Shop at Peach and experience the delight of finding your ideal outfit.